Monday, April 25, 2016

NB 2 - Have you ever heard of something called the PRESENT PERFECT?

Dear students & readers of this blog,

Are you, by any chance, studying the PRESENT PERFECT in class? Are you a bit lost? Would you like some extra help?

You've come to the right place!!
Click here for some theory and exercises on the present perfect tense. Here you will find an explanation of the formation and the different uses of this tense.
In class, we faced a dilemma when talking about past participles: GONE or BEEN? Click on each word below to get a brief explanation on when to use one or the other, together with some exercises to practise:

Did you know that you can practise your English with a soap opera? Yes, you have read well, a soap opera, The Flatmates. Click on the picture to meet them.

Now that you know them, listen to episode 18: EMERGENCY. Thanks to The Flatmates you can:
  • Listen to the episode with or without the text
  • Download this or any episode in your computer
    Check the language point of the episode for more info (in this case, on the present perfect)
  • Take the quiz.
Now listen to some present perfect. We are the champions, by Queen. A classic!!


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